Good Samaritan meets family

ROXBORO Wrenn lost his life Monday when his tractor trailer crashed into a guardrail and burst into flames.

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"He was a wonderful person and he was loved. He's going to be missed so much," offered Nate Anderson.

The crash changed Anderson's life forever. He was the Good Samaritan who pulled over and tried to save Wrenn from his burning big rig. The flames were too hot, and Anderson couldn't pull Wrenn to safety.

"It's been pretty hard for me. I don't know how to react," said Anderson. "I just told them that we did what we could do, as much as we could, and we just couldn't get him out of the truck."

"He risked his life to try to save our uncle so Nate's our hero. We need more people out there like him," offered one family member.

But what's remarkable is there are two heroes here. Wrenn's family says when he swerved in his big rig that day to avoid a major crash - he saved lives.

"Even though it was a tremendous tragedy, that lives were trying to be saved even at the cost of a life," offered Rev. Wayne Bowes - a family friend.

And so both Grandpa Wrenn and Nate Anderson are heroes - and part of each other's lives - even though one is gone.

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