Seven Swine Flu cases now in NC

RALEIGH The cases are all ones that were reported as probable earlier this week plus one that was already confirmed: 2 in Onslow County, 4 in Craven County and 1 in Carteret County.

Only one North Carolina school has been closed in connection with the Swine Flu virus. That's Arthur Edwards Elementary School in Havelock, which is in Craven County.

Health officials say people with the illness are being kept in voluntary isolation per CDC guidelines.

So far, North Carolina health officials have received 413 samples; seven cases has been confirmed, 65 samples are pending and 320 have tested negative.

No one in North Carolina, who is suffering from the illness, has been hospitalized. Officials say they are afflicted with flu-like symptoms.

"Patients will be tested for H1N1 only if they are actually hospitalized," said Barb Bisset with the Wake Med Emergency Services Institute.

It was running a hundred tests a day, and local health departments had to enforce mandatory isolation that will now be voluntary.

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Govenor Bev Perdue is urging North Carolina residents and visitors to do what "we need to do to protect ourselves."

As always, health officials say to wash your hands and sneeze or cough into your shoulder or arm to protect from spreading germs.

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Health Officials hope people will keep these practices up, especially while they study the swine flu.

But for basic symptoms --cough, sore throat and fever-- health officials say it's best to stay home and stay away from crowds, especially crowds in an emergency department.

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