Wake crime alert

WAKE FOREST "We're just really, really lucky. I won't do it again," the woman - who asked not to be identified by name - told Eyewitness News.

The Rolesville mom learned the hard way being a Good Samaritan is not always safe. She was on the way home from a bowling outing in the car with her friend and two daughters when they made a startling discovery along Rogers Road.

"In the middle center lane, there was a body lying in the road," she said.

Afraid and concerned for the man, they made a u-turn.

"We turned around and looked at him. He was still lying really still. We thought he was probably dead," she explained.

It was when the friend got out of the car to check the man they realized he was very much alive.

"As soon as she put the car in park, this person raised his head up looked at me and my daughter and started running toward the car," she recalled.

As they sped away, two other men charged toward the car.

"We were just in fear. My daughter was screaming. The little girl in the back seat was crying," said the mom.

Now, she has a message for others.

"I don't care who you are or what happens. I will not stop for you," she said.

she fears the men will strike again

"He didn't get caught. He didn't get what he wanted from us, so I'm sure he's going to do it to somebody else," she offered.

The men were gone by the time Wake Forest police reached the scene. Now, investigators are reminding drivers never to stop. They say give them a call from a cell phone or phone nearby.

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