Crime alert prompting new law proposal

RALEIGH There have been more than three dozen break-ins in several communities inside Raleigh's beltline. And so far, police have only made one arrest.

Raleigh resident Cyrus Stacey says his home was broken into twice in four days.

"They actually broke the window pane. They went through this one twice," Stacey said as he showed Eyewitness News where it happened. "I actually just found out they tried to break in on the other side of the house, but I'm not sure why they weren't successful."

Now Raleigh police have started more patrols in plain clothes and cars. They've gotten after dozens of reports of burglaries from Cameron Village to Five Points.

Residents say they've noticed the extra police.

"This suspicious car was going round and round and we confronted him and he showed us his badge," resident Innes Wright said.

City Councilman Rodger Koopman says he was also a victim. He says he believes two words - no soliciting - will help prevent crimes in the future and help protect many potential victims.

Authorities say the burglars strike during the day and early evening and sometimes pose as solicitors. That's why Koopman is proposing a no soliciting ordinance.

"If you answer, they say 'I'm here for yard work,'" Koopman said. "If you don't answer, they try to break in."

He wants residents to be able to post a sign on their door and be able to call police. Solicitors would get a $50 fine for bothering those who don't want to be disturbed or burglarized.

Officials say a no soliciting ordinance would not include non-profit organizations or charities like Girl Scouts.

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