Spring Lake: New interim chief selected

SPRING LAKE Spring Lake residents say they want to know what's going on and how long it will take to fix things.

With the police chief gone, two officers indicted, the department under SBI investigation, and the Cumberland County Sheriff's department taking over, residents say they are confused and frustrated.

"I think people in town just want to hear something that will give them a bit of satisfaction," Longtime Spring Lake resident Shelia Vannoy said.

During the meeting, two town council members told the residents a new interim police chief has been selected, but not hired and that steps are being taken to restore the department's integrity --but it will take time.

"That's our goal to get our Police Department back as a working part of the town," Town Alderman Richard Higgins said.

Some residents are calling for a clean sweep of the department and other town officials.

"We needed to have the whole board there and know exactly what is going on in the community," resident Betty Sanford said.

"I'm glad they are at least looking for a new chief and that they are trying to save the good police officers still there," resident Don Crowdis said.

After the town meeting residents and town leaders held a candlelight service outside town hall. The crowd prayed for their town and its leaders.

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