Person of the Week: Krissi Fajgenbaum

RALEIGH It's always surprising to see young people who want to make a difference by helping other people.

Krissi Fajgenbaum convinced her friends at Ravenscroft High School in Raleigh to donate things for people in the poorest corner of the state.

"I am, I'm so excited that we had such a good response to it," Fajgenbaum said.

Her Raleigh home is filled with donated clothing.

She started something she calls "Teens 2 Teens" after watching Diane Sawyer's documentary about the children of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky.

"At first, when I watched it, I was just so sad to see that happening to people, and I was completely shocked," Fajgenbaum said.

She wanted to help teens in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina so she contacted the governor's office. The office told her Robbinsville High School, which is located in the far western part of the state, is the poorest school in NC.

"The kids there are smart and they want to be successful, and I think this is just something we can give them to help them be even more successful," Fajgenbaum explained.

Now, everything she has collected is headed to Robbinsville, where the high school students have created a boutique at their school.

Fajgenbaum said it was important to everyone that the area feels like a store and all of the clothes will be hung in the school's boutique -- just like in a store.

During a recent visit to Robbinsville, the students told Fajgenbaum they don't have the clothing they need to go on college interviews and job interviews.

Fajgenbaum has collected clothing for all season including shoes, suits, purses and sporting equipment.

"Krissi has always been a child who has thought of others before herself," explained Sylvia Fajgenbaum, Krissi's mother.

"I'm just so proud of her to actually find something to do and actually follow through with it to make it happen," said Michael Fajgenbaum, Krissi's father.

Now, Krissi Fajgenbaum and her mom are getting ready to deliver the donations. They are going to drive a truck 350 miles to the Appalachian Mountains and deliver the clothes.

"I'm really excited," Krissi Fajgenbaum said. "I hope they like it, and I really think they'll appreciate it."

She hope other local schools will pick up the "Teens 2 Teens" concept. Fajgenbaum plans to go again in the fall with another load of winter clothing.

Krissi would like other teenagers who are interested in starting a similar project, to contact her at:

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