Biden warns local graduates against inaction

May 18, 2009 8:08:52 AM PDT
Vice President Joe Biden is calling on graduates at Wake Forest University to seize this moment in history to change the nation for the better. Biden told graduates Monday that failure to do so would leave the country falling behind.

The Vice Preseint said he's more optimistic about the nation's future than he was when he graduated amid political turmoil in the 1960s. He said graduates face an "inflection point" in history in which they will play a role in rebuilding economic, environmental and education policy.

But Biden acknowledged the challenges facing the graduating class, saying they are entering a world of "anxiety and uncertainty." He says inaction would mean the nation will fall behind.

The university presented Biden an honorary doctor of law degree during the ceremony.

The entire commencement ceremony may be viewed at a later date on the university's Website at

Biden is the first sitting vice president to deliver a graduation speech at the university.