Burglaries may involve suspect on bicycle

Most of the crimes occurred overnight and the suspect or suspects stole cash. Police say businesses should not leave cash in their stores after closing.

The person or persons involved may have used a bicycle when committing the crimes. Anyone with information about any of the incidents should call police.

The businesses include:

  • Releve' Dance Wear on Meeting Place, Suite 105
  • Best Taylors on Meeting Place, Suite 107
  • Sew You Like It on Cary Towne Blvd.
  • Sprits Pub at 701 E. Chatham St.
  • Jax and Co. Salon at 590 E. Chatham St.
  • Color Collaborations at 133 Weston Parkway
  • Lucky Pot at 2874 Kildaire Farm Rd.
  • Kinder Care at 1118 SE Maynard Rd.
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