Drug raid in upscale Cary neighborhood

CARY Officers got a warrant for a 5,000 square foot home worth $650,000 on Belrose Drive. That's in the upscale Highland Oaks subdivision near Preston.

The search warrant says officers got a tip about possible drug activity in the home from neighbors and then asked for the search after finding cocaine residue, marijuana stems, and seeds in trash left out in front of the home.

"There were suspicions about what was going on in the house," neighbor Rick Wharton said. "And, you know, a lot of cars parked out there, all hours of the night."

Wharton was leaving the neighborhood last week when he saw even more unusual activity at the house.

"It was clear that something big was going on at the house because you had Cary Police officers out there," he said. "It appeared to be a SWAT team."

Authorities say when they entered the house, the only drug officers found was Oxycontin. But according to the warrant, a suitcase, two other cases and a bag were found filled with cash.

Along with those items, police seized two semi-automatic handguns, a 9mm and 45 caliber pistols and ammunition for both guns.

"It's a big concern," Wharton said. "You know, Cary is a wonderful place to live and you don't expect those type of things to go down --particularly in a neighborhood of this type."

Although the warrant says it appeared two women and children lived in the house, police arrested Lovail Long who turned 39-years-old on Monday. He has been charged with drug trafficking.

"It's incumbent upon homeowners, if they're going to rent their property to ensure that the people that they are renting to are of sound character."

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