Patients exposed to H1N1 at UNC clinic

DURAHM Officials say patients were exposed to the virus last week by an infected health care worker at UNC's Highgate clinic in Durham.

Last Friday that worker tested positive for swine flu. Officials are monitoring at least two dozen people -- 17 patients and up to ten staff members -- who came into contact with the worker.

"The individual was not hospitalized, and I can tell you that the individual is already improving," said Dr. Brian Goldstein, UNC Hospitals chief of staff.

The employee worked in the pediatrics department. No additional details have been released.

Most of the people exposed took preventative treatments. A few of them began showing flu-like symptoms and are now being treated for H1N1.

Reports indicate one test came back negative and two are pending. Overall, concerns have calmed since the new strain began popping up last month.

However, officials still urge everyone to take precautions.

"We continue to make basic recommendations of washing hands, cover your cough, [and] if you develop fever and respiratory illness, stay home," said Jean-Marie Maillard, Department of Health and Human Services.

So far, 14 cases of Swine Flu have been confirmed in NC.

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