Hundreds plan 'tax revolt' at state capitol

RALEIGH Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher, the man who became famous during the 2008 presidential campaign when he asked Barack Obama about taxes, spoke at the protest.

"I'm here to promote America overall," he said.

The event is the same kind of "tea party" that took place in dozens of cities around the country in April. Participants say they oppose 'big government spending.'

"We've set on the couch too long and let these politicians get away with too much, what gives them the right or even the gall to think they have the right to tax us even more than they do now. They've misspent their money. Our money, time and time again and yet they're going to come back to the trough for some more," said Wurzelbacher.

Protestors Wednesday were focused on taxes in North Carolina/

"They are considering over a billion dollars in tax increases especially taxes on services from auto car to lawn care to personal services - plumbing services. That's why we brought in Joe the plumber," explained organizer Dallas Woodhouse.

The protest was sponsored by Raleigh's chapter of Americans for Prosperity. It came as the General Assembly tries to figure out what to do about a four and half billion dollar budget shortfall.

Starnell Franklin had an idea:

"When your money is running low you adjust your budget - you cut back on things you don't keep taxing the few people who can still afford to still being paying taxes it hurts us it hurts the state," she said.

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