Your Money: The Grocery Game

DURHAM That's not easy to do.

Now, the website says it will do that for you, and you can save up to 70% to 80% off your grocery bill.

Marie Bosscawen and her husband Keith are dedicated players in The Grocery Game. They tried it out when Keith lost his job and were looking for ways to save money.

"I basically Googled coupon shopping and specials that sort of thing and The Grocery Game was one of the things that came up first," said Keith.

Keith and Marie signed up and quickly learned how to score big in the game.

"Basically, we login to The Grocery Game, click on the store that we wanna go to. We look at the list that marries the specials with the coupons. I typically sort it by the amount saved because I have a personal goal of at least fifty percent," Keith explained.

Clipping and sorting coupons is a required event in the game. Each week, you log onto The Grocery Game and there's a list of the lowest-priced products at your supermarket matched with manufacturers' coupons and specials, advertised and unadvertised.

All the hard work and research is done for you, and you just have to go shopping to cash in on the savings.

"Green things are free, then blue things are things that the grocery game suggests you stock up on, and the black things are things that you should buy if you need them but not necessarily stock up on 'em," said Keith.

Keith and Marie say the game makes it easy to grab free and really cheap stuff.

"Mustard we just recently got for seventeen cents, I think it's forty ounces? So we have a lot of that," said Marie.

They also have a stocked freezer. They play the game every Sunday. They usually shop together and really enjoy what happens when they check out.

"When I went this week I had $102 worth of groceries, by the time I was all said and done I walked out paying about 30,” Marie offered.

And that savings is evident, when they look at their bank account.

"We've compared this year to the same months last year and we're saving about $150.00 a month," said Keith.

Keith is back at work now, but he and Marie are still playing the game because they say the savings are too good to pass up. To play the game, you do have to pay at least a $10 a month service fee. You pay depending on how many stores lists you want.

There is a $1 trial period. To find out more about The Grocery Game and how it works just click

One important tip to remember while playing the grocery game, it usually takes four to five weeks to collect all of the coupons you need to really cash in.

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