DTV switch one week away

RALEIGH Except for an occasional phone call, was a quiet Friday at El Pueblo in downtown Raleigh.

Call it the calm before the storm. Even though El Pueblo has had information about the DTV conversion in both English and Spanish for months, it is anticipating a rush starting next Friday.

"They won't realize it until they really see they can't watch TV at all," said Mary Cartaya, El Pueblo.

In fact, as DTV 2009 -- the changeover -- happens next week, El Pueblo's already has a room set up for people they think will need assistance after the switch.

Cartaya will be there showing people who still have rabbit ears what they need. She'll show them how to hook up a converter box.

"I guess they'll call asking, 'how do I fix this?' 'What do I need to do?'" she said.

An estimated three million people nationwide are not ready for the switch. About twice that number were unprepared for the original conversion date in February.

Community activist Octavia Rainey expects she'll get call from a lot of folks this time next week.

"I think that's when people will actually feel the impact," she said. "When they go to do this and they get that, that fuzzy stuff, that's what's gonna happen next week. And that's when you're going to see the panic."

Rainey worries some will prey on that in the form of scams and she wants people to be aware.

"No fake boxes, no imitation boxes being advertised at six or seven dollars, or you know, you don't need a converter box, we can come and play with your antennae," Rainey said.

We can all hope for a smooth transition. And remember if you have rabbit ears, you have a week to get a converter box and make the change.

Click here for information about the switch and what you need to be prepared

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