Mom speaks out after shooting

Cumberland County

The altercation happened at the family's newly purchased home on Ramsey Street, Wednesday night June 3rd, where Theresa Holt says her son fired her nine-millimeter hand gun five times hitting her husband three times in the stomach.

In an interview with Eyewitness News Theresa stated, "I didn't hear the first shot. I smelled the smoke. And when I come up...He was... By that time my husband had hit the ground and my son come around...He shot him again."

Theresa says while the shots were being fired her daughter was trying to protect her father and stepped in the way.

Theresa continued, "Somehow she had to come around there to get close enough to my husband when he got shot with the bullet. One of the bullets exited his body and entered into her calf and go through her calf."

Amazingly, the bullets passed clean through both victims without hitting any major organs or arteries. Both victims are back at home recovering while an emotional mom tries to pull her broken family back together.

"He's my first born and he's my world. My daughter's my world." Stated Theresa.

Theresa's son remains locked up in the Cumberland County Detention Center. She hopes to bail him out soon and figure out a way to help him and her husband put this all behind them.

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