Social Service building evacuated, man arrested

FAYETTEVILLE Police arrested 19-year-old Jordan Tywayne Mitchell for allegedly threatening his girlfriend on her cell phone.

He allegedly followed 19-year-old Stephanie Malanu inside the Cumberland County Department of Social Services building shortly before 3 p.m. Monday. She is not an employee of DSS.

Malanu claimed Mitchell told her he had a gun and he was going to kill her.

Authorities say Malanu called police from a restroom on the third floor of the building, while Mitchell was searching for her on the first floor of the building. He later ran from the facility once deputies arrived.

DSS Director Brenda Jackson says it was not until the deputies arrived that DSS was aware of the situation.

Law enforcement immediately took action to safeguard all DSS customers and staff in the building, Jackson said. The incident lasted about 45 minutes from the time staff members were notified of the situation.

Mitchell was apprehended a few blocks away when the vehicle he was riding in was pulled over near Ramsey Street. Deputies say they did not find a weapon in Mitchell's possession.

He was taken to the Cumberland County Detention Center where he will be charged with communicating threats. Meanwhile, the Hope Mills Police Department has also filed warrants against Mitchell.

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