Durham education battle continues

DURHAM The Durham County Board of Education met with the board of county commissioners Tuesday morning.

Monday night commissioners held a public hearing about their proposed budget. Several teachers and taxpayers showed up and many are on opposing sides.

"Look at all the assistant superintendents, what they do?" asked Joyce Nichols, Durham County taxpayer. "If you look at what has happened with the children and look at where the Durham public schools were at the end of 2008, they were at the bottom. They had only four schools that met the state requirement, and I think we should start looking at what the school board is doing and how they are looking at what it is that they are doing. I think they don't need any more money they need to cut what they have already. "

Under Durham County Manager Mike Ruffin's budget proposal, public schools will get $3 million less than last year.

Commissioners have until June 22 to approve a budget.

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