Mary Easley speaks out after firing

RALEIGH In a letter to NC State students, faculty and friends Wednesday, Mary Easley said she will continue to "fully support this outstanding institution."

"It has been one of the great privileges of my life to work with the brilliant and creative people at NC State," Easley said. "It has been a joy to teach, encourage and help the students."

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The letter comes after the NC State Board of Trustees announced Monday that they decided to fire Easley following an on-going controversy surrounding her hiring.

She was first hired by the school in 2005 to run the speakers' series while her husband Mike Easley was still governor. Last year, she was given additional responsibilities plus a 5-year contract that more than doubled her salary to $170,000 a year.

Easley had refused to step-down after numerous officials called for her resignation following allegations the job was given to her as a political quid pro quo. The controversy forced the resignations of three high level school officials.

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Easley and her husband continue to be the subject of a wide ranging investigation of their activities by a grand jury and the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

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