Pay raises not going over well

June 11, 2009 6:04:00 AM PDT
City Manager Dale Iman wants to cut taxes next year and give city workers a pay raise. However, not everyone is happy about the details.Iman recently proposed giving police officers a 4.8 percent pay raise while giving other city workers, including firefighters a 2.2 percent raise.

Firefighters and taxpayers are unhappy with the idea.

"I know a lot of firemen," Fayetteville taxpayer Jim Bledsoe said. "I know allot of police officers. They do a wonderful job for the city and they deserve equal pay."

City council member Charles Evans wants a flat pay raise for all city workers.

"We must do something for our city employees to make sure they know we are appreciative," Evans said.

The city council meets next week to continue working on next year's budget.