Perdue: Say no to increasing class sizes

RALEIGH The first of three rallies was held at the State Capitol in Raleigh.

Perdue announced Tuesday she would begin speaking out about education before the House and Senate votes to cut education by millions of dollars.

Click here to read more about Perdue's fight for education

Read more about Perdue's fight for education

During Wednesday's rally, Perdue said the state is facing one of the largest shortfalls in the country at $4.7 million, but to cripple education would cripple NC's future.

The Governor's message to the General Assembly is "say no to increasing class sizes, to pay cuts and job cuts."

The approved budget may pass as soon as July 1, which is important to principals at year-round schools.

NCAE Wake Co President, Jennifer Lanane told Eyewitness News that year-round principals need to know how much money they are working with in order to hire teachers or offer new contracts.

Lanane said some teachers are playing it safe and looking for jobs elsewhere just in case.

Also awaiting the outcome of the budget proposal is the Governor Morehead School for the blind. Supporters protested outside of the Capitol during Perdue's rally.

Morehead supporters say the new budget plan will not allow the school to continue accepting students. The school would shut down within two years because of budget cuts.

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The blind students would be absorbed into public schools and schools for the deaf in Wilson and Morganton.

It costs the state more than $9 million a year to run Raleigh's Governor Morehead School, which serves about 65 K-12th graders.

Governor Perdue said she has not spoken to the General Assembly about its plans to phase out the school. However, she said she wants to make sure the deaf and the blind get the services they need and the education they deserve.

Perdue will be at Smith High School in Greensboro on Wednesday afternoon. Events also will be held in Charlotte, Asheville and Greenville over the next week.

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