Park cancels event due to floods

RALEIGH The park was supposed to have a corn-grinding event this weekend, but it's been put on hold due to the flooding.

Heavy rain covered the park's bridge completely and tore up the mill yard, throwing parts of the dirt path down a spillway.

"Certainly with flood waters, they're hard to control and we did not expect that we were going to see quite the rise that we did," Park Manager Rebeccah Cope said. "We did have probably somewhere in the range of five to six feet rise in the water level."

Cope said the spillway was designed to drain water away from the historic mill and down toward the creek and it did its job -the mill was not damaged.

"The real damage was in the mill yard where we had a lot of gravel that scattered out," Cope said.

Park officials said the mill needs better protection against future weather.

"We're actually talking right now about doing something different, finding a different solution as far as what goes in the mill yard," Cope said.

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