Troubleshooter: Problems with social security payment

RALEIGH According Angela Battle, she tried to switch banks for her mom's social security direct deposit.

She thought it would be a simple change, but was shocked with what actually happened.

"They accidently put in the system instead of doing direct deposit, they declared her dead," Battle said.

Yes, that's right. Despite being alive, Battle said the social security office declared her mom, Annette, deceased.

"'I said, she's not dead,' and we clearly called for direct deposit and she's like, 'I can see the notes' and I'm like, 'Well then fix it,'" Battle told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Instead, she said she was told to go to her local Raleigh social security office to get the mistake corrected so her mom could get her May payment.

"We really needed the money," Battle explained to the Troubleshooter. "In today's economy, who doesn't need their money?"

Battle received a letter stating the problem was corrected, but her mother wouldn't get her May, $1,100 payment until later in June.

"I didn't think that was fair," Battle said. "If I made the mistake, we would wait and suffer the consequences, but we did nothing."

So she e-mailed the Troubleshooter and Diane Wilson got in touch with the Social Security Administration.

"They called and were very apologetic, and they said they were working to make sure everything would be in place," Battle said.

Within days, her mom's payment was direct deposited. Its relief the mother-daughter team said they are thankful for.

"Yes, thank you so much," Battle told the Troubleshooter.

A representative for the Social Security Administration apologized and said the department realizes that type of mistake is upsetting and that the error is not common. But when it does happen, representatives work to correct the records as soon as possible.

They put a rush on Annette's payment, which she received within days.

The representative also thanked the Battles for their patience and thanked the Troubleshooter for bringing the problem to the department's attention.

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