Duke or UNC?

RALEIGH After much feedback, and questions about Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski's popularity, the company conducted another poll and included the Blue Devil.

Overall, voters have a more favorable opinion of Williams. Of those polled, 61 percent have a favorable opinion of Coach Williams while 52 percent have a favorable opinion of Coach Krzyzewski.

As far as unfavorable opinions go, more people think negatively of Coach K. Fourteen percent to be exact while only 9 percent have a negative opinion of Coach Williams.

And although the two are very popular, Williams seems to maintain his edge because the Tar Heels have a larger fan base. Public Policy Polling also notes Williams is more popular with fans of opposing schools.

Coah K holds his own with Duke fans by getting a greater approval than Coach Williams does with UNC fans, but not by much. Eighty percent of Duke fans like Coach K while only 76 percent of UNC fans like Coach Williams.

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