Budget shortfall closes PWC clinic

DURHAM In a statement published on its Website Monday, PWC said it will close its wildlife clinic on July 31, 2009 due to a projected $200,000 shortfall next year.

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The board of directors made the decision Sunday evening to close the wildlife clinic. According to the release, the clinic is the only one for wildlife in the area "with a dedicated veterinarian, trained staff and volunteers."

The clinic has treated over 12,000 animals with a 50 percent release rate. It has served as the training grounds for many rehabilitators, pre-veterinary students, college interns, fellows, and veterinary students.

The PWC clinic has also taken in animals from over 30 counties and four states and treated over 130 species of wildlife, rehabilitating them with veterinary services, food, shelter, and tender loving care.

PWC said it will use its established camps and education programs as a cornerstone and develop a plan for a new and stronger wildlife clinic.

In order to pursue that goal PWC said it needs financial support more than ever.

If you are interested in making a donation, you can mail it to:

Piedmont Wildlife Center, 364 Leigh Farm Road, Durham, NC 27707 or at log on to http://piedmontwildlifecenter.org/donations.

Despite, the fate of the wildlife clinic, PWC said it is still accepting camp enrollment through its education program and the camps are doing better than projected.

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