Troubleshooter: Home warranty

RALEIGH Even more frustrating is the homeowner has a home warranty to cover the repair. The repair was approved in May, but multiple delays caused the problem to heat up.

Arlita Johnson tries to keep cool with multiple fans.

"It's been crazy, we've been waking up with headaches," Johnson told the Troubleshooter.

The thermostat shows it's hotter inside her house than outside.

Her air conditioner broke the first week of May so she called her home warranty, Total Protect. The company sent a technician to her house.

"He said your system just froze up you just need a little bit of Freon," Johnson said.

But a week later, it went out again.

Johnson said, "I turned it back on and the same problem."

Total Protect sent another company to look at her air conditioner, and that person recommended she get a new unit.

"They placed the order on May 27 for the original unit and told me it would be two to three business days before it came in," Johnson said.

She thought no problem because she would have only a few more days without air. When the company went to install the unit, she learned the bad news.

"He said he specifically ordered a horizontal evaporator coil, but then sent him a vertical and he had to re-order it," Johnson recalled.

She called Total Protect and they told her it would only be two to three days for the new part to arrive. But a few days turned into more than a week, so she called them again.

"I called Total Protect back and there was no order placed," Johnson said.

Fed up, Johnson called the Troubleshooter, who called Total Protect.

Within days, Johnson received her new unit and the cool relief she's been waiting a month for.

As a gesture of good will, Homesure of America, the company that represents Total Protect, covered nearly half of the expenses which total $578. Without Homesure of America's help, Johnson would have had to pay close to $1,200 in out of pocket expenses.

Johnson said Homesure of America also reimbursed her the $60 deductable.

A representative for the company added the company sincerely regrets any inconvenience or delays that the Johnson's had to go through.

When considering a home warranty, make sure you look at the contract before you sign it. Take a look at what's covered and what's not so you're not surprised when it comes to making repairs.

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