Man charged with string of home invasions

WAKE COUNTY Terrance Trice, 28, is charged in a string of home invasion robberies.

The first happened June 16 at the home of an elderly couple.

"Came through the back door and said, 'Where's your money? Where's your money?'" recalled victim Melanie Howell.

The attacker pushed her to the floor to take $75.

"He shoved me and I fell on the floor," she said.

Two weeks later, and just three blocks away, a woman was assaulted with a butcher knife inside her home. The invader took $125 and stabbed the woman in the arm.

Then Wednesday, Tracey Perry found an attacker in her home.

"By the time I got outside my bedroom door to the hallway, he was standing there," she said. "I saw he had a knife, and he kept hollering, 'Give me some money. Give me some money.' And I told him, 'I don't have any money.'"

He had busted down the back-door, and then the door to her bedroom, where she put up a fight.

"I grabbed the knife. I had the knife in my hand, the blade part in my hand. And I was still beating him with my crutch," said Perry.

Perry recognized the attacker as the man who mowed her lawn.

Detectives arrested Trice, who has served prison time for rape and robbery. It turns out Trice lives in the same subdivision, which he accused of terrorizing.

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