Injured principal speaks

ROBESON COUNTY Hunt said he was at a stop light when a white or beige pick-up truck pulled up around him on Davis Road and fired a single shotgun blast that hit him in the face.

"It was just a loud bang," Hunt said. "I looked in the mirror at myself and I tell you it was a sight to behold. Blood was gushing everywhere; I'll be honest with you when I looked in the mirror I asked God to forgive me of all my sins because I thought I was going to die."

He has to wear a surgical mask to cover his shot off lip, missing teeth and torn up jaw from the shotgun blast.

Hunt said he still has pellets imbedded in his mouth. His finger was also blown off, but has since been reattached.

The first year principal said there is no way the shooting was random.

"It wasn't random," Hunt said. "It was almost like an ambush. This vehicle was waiting for me that morning. It knew what time I traveled that road. It knew that it was a rural road. It knew the vehicle I drove. It was someone with an axe to grind and they tried to kill me on April 9 at 6:50 in the morning."

Hunt said he prayed that God would let him make it to the hospital after his transmission went out on I-95. But he made it to the ER and was later taken to Duke Hospital.

As a former Marine he said he wondered if his tough decisions with certain students played a role in the incident.

He hosted an anti-gang rally at the middle school on a Tuesday and was later shot in the face that Thursday.

"Needless to say I want closure," Hunt said. "I'm quite frustrated. I want to know why this happened. I want to know who did it. I want justice. I know somebody knows. Maybe someone that's viewing this tonight knows who did this and it's just a matter of them picking up the phone."

The Robeson County Sheriff's Office is still working the case. But Hunt said he wanted the FBI involved.

Hunt said he was trying to file the incident as a worker's compensation claim, since he felt it was related to his job. But so far has been denied.

The Pembroke community will hold a motorcycle and car ride rally on Sunday to help pay for Hunt's mounting medical bills.

It will be held on July 12 starting at the C&P Mini Mart, 700 Union Chapel Road, at 2 p.m.

Motorcycle and other vehicle drivers can register between 1 and 2 p.m. A single driver entry is $10 and an entry for two divers is $15.

There will be food and prizes at the final destination.

For information, call Marlita Moore at (910) 734-6531, Dolores Hunt at (910) 736-2497 or (910) 738-1733, or Della Moreno at (910) 736-9064.

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