Slim Jim factory to restart production

GARNER The company says production will restart at its Slim Jim factory in Garner beginning July 27. Regular work schedules will return July 19.

The news is great for employees who were told Friday afternoon.

"We all stood up and gave a good standing ovation. We're ready to go back to work [to] make Slim Jims," said worker Major Stancil.

"Everybody stood up and cheered because, I mean, everybody wants to get back to work. You know the economy's low. You know everyone needs to get in here and start the economy up again. And that's the only way we're gonna do it," said worker Colleen Thorpe.

Production stopped after a huge explosion rocked the plant in early June. Three employees were killed and many others hurt.

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Investigators blamed the explosion on natural gas. They were investigating whether gas was vented into a pump room while contractors were installing a water heater. That was not confirmed, and it could be months before the investigation is complete.

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