Perdue's approval plummets

RALEIGH According to a new poll released Tuesday by the liberal leaning Public Policy Polling group, the Governor's approval rating is now down to 25 percent, with 55 percent of voters disapproving of her performance and 20 percent ambivalent.

Perdue's approval rating was 60 percent in a PPP poll done just days after she took office in January. By March, it had dropped to 44 percent, then 41 percent in April, 34 percent in May, 30 percent in June, and now 25 percent.

In a news release, PPP said: "Voters tend to want leaders who exude confidence and seem steady at the ship, especially in difficult times like these. In the first few months of her administration Perdue seemed strong and decisive but since releasing her proposed budget in mid-March she has come across as almost paralyzed, scared to do much of anything lest there be negative political implications."

Perdue is not the only governor nationwide to take a hit in the polls. From Colorado to Pennsylvania, state leaders are suffering in the court of public opinion as they struggle to winnow down budgets and in some cases, raise taxes.

In an interview with Eyewitness News on Monday before the latest polling data came out, the Governor said she has a job to do getting the state back on track, and watching the polls is not part of it.

"I've never been concerned about polls. The only concern I have is that I'm doing the job the people elected me to do. Even in the campaign, polls didn't influence me. A poll is what it is. It's the response you get from the 400 people you're talking to at that point in time," she offered.

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