Swine Flu claims new mother

WILSON, NC The 38-year-old was first admitted to the Wilson Medical Center east of Raleigh last week. Tests showed she had the H1N1 virus.

As her condition worsened, she was transferred to WakeMed hospital in Raleigh.

"The determination was that she was sufficiently seriously ill that Wilson Med felt like she could be more appropriately cared for at WakeMed," explained Wilson Medical Center Director Felix Meyer.

According to family and friends, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl after she was transferred to Raleigh, but then died Wednesday.

Health officials have declined to identify the woman or comment on the specifics of the case, but say the virus can be difficult to treat if there are other health issues.

"Folks who have some other ongoing problem - pregnancy is one, age is another - all of them can cause severe complications," said Meyer.

Health officials say tests are underway for people who came in contact with the woman. So far, no one has tested positive for Swine Flu. So far, there have been 11 confirmed cases of the virus in Wilson County. Four people statewide have died.

Health officials are urging people to be proactive - especially as flu season is right around the corner.

"As we go into the fall, we want people to get their regular flu shot along with the H1N1 shot when it becomes available," offered Joyce Wetherington with the Wilson Health Department.

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