Rally honors dead cyclist

APEX The annual North Carolina Bike Club Summer Rally was dedicated to Rosar, who was hit and killed when his bike collided with a car on South Salem Street last Saturday.

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Organizers said Sunday that the rally drew a much larger crowd than last year.

"In fact we've had several new members sign up today tell us the reason they signed up was in honor of Bruce Rosar," said Henri Thomas with the North Carolina Bicycle Club.

"Bruce's death has really shocked the cycling community," David Cole with the North Carolina Bicycle Club. "It was difficult to understand since he was such a strong advocate for cycling safety."

Rosar was also remembered during the rally for encouraging people to ride for more than recreation.

"He rode his bike in lieu of driving his car, in many cases," Cole said. "I think from his point of view, the more people are cycling the better, and the more cycling is accepted the better. He would absolutely support events like this, but also riding your bike to go to the store around the corner."

His friends said he would have been pleased to see all the cyclists supporting the summer rally.

"He helped with it every year, and he would definitely want people to be out on their bikes," Cole said. "That was something he was very passionate about."

The cycling community also remembered Rosar during the Bull Moon ride in Durham on Saturday night.

Before both rides, organizers asked for a moment of silence to honor Rosar.

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