Your Money: Salon saving

RALEIGH "I’m Looking more like a zebra or a skunk," she said referring to her roots.

Those who color their hair know how she feels.

So, professional stylist Roi Parker, of R.O.I. salon in Raleigh’s Cameron Village, tried an inexpensive, unconventional way, on our guinea pig Joanne to keep that zebra at bay.

He says there are special mascaras and hair crayons designed to give you temporary cover of grays or natural roots on your color processed hair.

"You just lightly feather it, [the mascara wand]”, Parker demonstrated. "Right over that new growth."

He used the crayon the same way: directly on the roots.

"Just paint this on the hairline the same way you used as a child, paint it on your hair," he demonstrated.

The crayons come in all hair colors, wash out in one shampoo, and cost just a few dollars at a beauty supply house or even discount stores.

Men can use it too.

"If you’ll come in and apply this to your sideburns," Parker demonstrated on his own. “This is a great trick for men as well.”

Another trick to stay out of the chair longer, yet still look good for a job interview is classic, shorter, cuts.

"It’ll have a little bit longer time growing out," Parker said.

And the third tip is don’t be afraid to negotiate. Some of Parker’s clients are on new budgets now. They’ve lost a job or their spouse has, so Parker is working with them. He, like other stylists, would rather cut client costs than lose a client altogether.

"It’s easier to negotiate from a loyal client," Parker said. "Especially after you’ve built a rapport with your client you want to keep them."

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