Cary parrot found in Clayton

CLAYTON A resident in Clayton's Glen Laurel subdivision first reported seeing the bird flying around the neighborhood last week and called authorities.

"I heard a squawk, and I thought, oh no, that's someone's pet bird," bird spotter Lisa Lotz told Eyewitness News.

Officer Animal Lee said she and a bird catcher were able to catch Charlie the parrot after a game of cat and mouse.

"It was actually pretty comical because Charlie is green, and of course this time of year so are all the trees," Lee explained. "So it was a game of hide and seek for about an hour and a half."

Despite Charlie's elusiveness, Lee said he was very firendly.

"Believe it or not he [Charlie] was very nice," skhe said. "Those birds can pack a punch with their bite, but he didn't try to bite -- seemed to be very grateful actually."

After they caught Charlie, Lee noticed a black band on one of his legs. The band contained a tracking number.

The Caged Bird Society assisted animal control in tracking the bird to a breeder who was able to determine where the parrot was purchased.

Charlie the parrot was reunited with his Cary family after being missing for five weeks. They were thrilled and surprised to be reunited with their pet.

The family said he had flown out of the house through an open door.

Clayton is about 34 miles from Charlie's Cary home by car, but Charlie's mileage was a little less because he flew.

"It was just such a great ending to the story that something terrible didn't happen," Lotz said.

Officer Lee said Charlie's wings aren't clipped, but now it's the first order of business for his owner.

According to the Clayton Police Department, it is not possible to determine where Charlie has spent the last five weeks and although he may be able to speak a few words, he seems to have exercised his right to remain silent in this case.

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