Bond denied for terror suspects

RALEIGH U.S. Magistrate Judge William Webb said the defendants had contacts in foreign countries and either had access to large amounts of money or were able to raise it.

Lawyers for five of the men had lobbied for their release - saying they were not a flight risk

A sixth man - Hysen Sherifi, 24 - a native of Kosovo and a legal permanent resident of the U.S. - had his hearing continued after asking for a new translator.

The attorney for the seventh - Ziyad Yaghi, 21, did not attempt to get his client released.

Wednesday's hearing was a continuation from Tuesday when prosecutors outlined the evidence against alleged ringleader Daniel Boyd, and the six others.

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The men are charged with provided money, training, transportation and men to help terrorists. Federal indictments paint Boyd as a radical Muslim who recruited others to take part in jihad - or holy war - against unspecified targets overseas.

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In addition to Sherifi, Yaghi, and Boyd, the others arrested are Boyd's son's Dylan Boyd, 22, and Zakiriya Boyd, 20, plus Anes Subasic, 33; and Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22.

On Tuesday, federal investigators told the judge they seized from Boyd's home and cars more than 27,400 rounds of ammunition, 26 weapons, gas masks, a handbook on how authorities respond to acts of terrorism and the text of a fatwa urging jihad against Americans. One agent testified that a trench dug under Boyd's deck was described by a witness as a place to hide weapons.

An eighth man, Jude Kenan Mohammad, is still at large and Sutton said Tuesday authorities last heard he was in Pakistan.

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