Witness: Shooter copied Columbine

HILLSBOROUGH The Orange County man is on trial for killing his own father and opening fire at his former high school.

Several investigators took the stand Wednesday, including the man who drove Castillo to jail after arresting him at Orange High. Investigator Rick Smith testified about the 2-mile drive and the conversation he had with Castillo in the car.

Smith told jurors Castillo appeared to have a plan: to copy Columbine shooter Eric Harris.

"He had the same kind of weapons like Harris, he had the clothes like Harris. It was kind of a copycat, duplication of Eric Harris," Smith testified.

School resource officer London Ivey convinced Castillo to put down his gun, but Smith revealed on the stand that Castillo considered killing Ivey instead of surrendering.

"He thought he might have to shoot Ivey, and he thought someone would shoot him. He knew Ivey when he was in school and he was pretty good guy and he just couldn't bring himself to do that," Smith explained.

Smith says during the ride to jail, Castillo was anything but calm - at one point trying to choke himself with seatbelt and carrying on with nonsensical rambling.

"He was moving around in his seat in the car and constantly talking about somebody to kill him and whatever, and I was just trying to calm him down," said Smith.

Smith says when Castillo did calm down, he revealed gruesome details of killing his father.

"He said his father was dead, and he saw the blood exploding out of his head. He said he didn't want him to be a vegetable, but he wanted him dead, basically, for the sake of his mother and sisters," Smith said.

Smith said Castillo described his father as a 'sacrifice'.

Castillo has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Testimony continues Thursday.

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