Cabbies take concerns to city council

August 12, 2009 9:54:44 AM PDT
Taxi drivers and business owners addressed Raleigh City Council members Tuesday about their opposition to proposed changes that would cost drivers a lot of money to comply with.That same day a letter singed "Concerned Business Owners and Drivers" was sent to the city council and Raleigh Chief of Police Harry Dolan.

According to the letter, drivers are unhappy with the city's proposed regulations, which include the purchase of costly cameras, GPS systems and credit card machines.

Drivers say the new requirements would put a lot of drivers out of work. Instead, the drivers want the city to offset the costs by offering local, federal or state funding. They even suggest stimulus funds.

The letter goes on to outline solutions to the city's taxi zoning problem. Drivers say there are not enough customers or taxi zones in Raleigh to absorb the proposed expenses.

Raleigh has seven zones, while its smaller counterpart, Durham, has at least 19. Drivers argue adding more zones in high traffic areas such as Brier Creek, Capital Blvd and Glenwood Ave. could help generate revenue.

Drivers and concerned business owners say they are open to change if city council wants to compromise.

Another meeting will take place in September. A decision regarding the proposal will not be made before then.