Wake to re-hire 900 teachers

RALEIGH This spring, the school system announced it would not renew contracts for about 1500 employees. It was being proactive anticipating budget cuts.

Wednesday, they announced 911 employees will be re-hired and there could be more.

So far, nearly 650 teachers in regular education will get new contracts, nearly 200 in special education, and several dozen in related services.

There are still hundreds of teachers and employees who haven't been renewed. Superintendent Del Burns says schools will not be the same.

"At the end of the day - because of a reduction in funding - we'll have fewer people working with more students. We anticipate an increase in our student population and a reduction in funding. So, it is going to result in larger classes, and in some cases fewer electives in middle and high schools for students to take," he said.

More teachers could be hired once the school year starts if enrollment is higher than expected. Some could be let go if fewer students show up, so there's still a lot of uncertainty when traditional calendar students go back to school in two weeks.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the state school board and the governor approved changing the stimulus spending rules allowing superintendents to use that money to protect more teaching jobs.

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