Perdue cuts back even more

RALEIGH Perdue ordered a 5% cut Friday afternoon.

It's the latest move to protect the state's financial health.

The Office of State Budget and Management says the state took in less money than expected last year. Now, Governor Perdue is taking steps to ensure the budget stays balanced.

Looking back on the year:

  • On January 15th Perdue ordered state agencies to cut spending in the previous budget by 7%.
  • On February 25th she ordered an additional 2% cut.
  • On April 9th Perdue ordered a freeze on all purchases and non-essential travel as well as instituting a hiring freeze.
  • On April 28th Perdue announced a "flexible furlough" program and employees lost .5% of their pay in exchange for 10-hours off.
  • On July 24th Perdue issued executive order 20 which ordered all state agencies to restrict spending until she signed a new budget.
This latest reduction takes effect September first.

State agencies have until October to transfer the difference into a reserve account. Friday's order however ends the state's mandated hiring and travel freeze and allows department heads to manage their budgets as they see fit.

But, the state still recommends keeping positions vacant and limiting purchases.
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