Another bird strike at NC airport

WILMINGTON Officials said Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 4939 was preparing for takeoff from Wilmington to Atlanta when it was hit by birds.

The pilots stopped the takeoff attempt and returned to the gate.

Mechanics inspected the plane and found no damage.

None of the 46 passengers or three crewmembers on board were injured.

The plane then took off shortly before 10:30 a.m. and arrived in Atlanta before noon.

The plane, a CRJ-200 50 passenger jet, was a Delta connection flight operated by ASA.

Officials said ASA crews get extensive training for bird strikes and are fully prepared for what to do in case of a strike.

Just two weeks ago, another bird strike caused a Northwest Airlines flight to shut down one of two of their engines and make an emergency landing after taking off from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

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After it departed from RDU, the plane experienced a bird strike to its left engine. A FAA spokeswoman said after the captain heard a loud noise, the engine was shut down and the plane returned to the airport.

The twin-engined airbus landed safely with all 148 passengers and five crew members unharmed.

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