Hagan talks war at Fort Bragg

FORT BRAGG Just this week, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan said the war there was "serious" and "deteriorating".

That is the concern for families of soldiers at Fort Bragg and Senator Hagan.

Cameras weren't allowed along when Senator Hagan visited with the the commanding general of U.S. Army Special Forces or when she was visiting firing ranges and saw special ops training. But afterward she did say that one of the topics of discussion was the war in Afghanistan.

"We certainly did talk about Afghanistan," Hagan said. "And I did have an opportunity in May to travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan so that I could see firsthand what is going on in that region."

Since then, however, the situation has declined. Afghanistan is apparently more unstable than ever.

Although U.S. troops are slowly pulling out of Iraq, it appears that Fort Bragg will continue to send soldiers to Afghanistan.

"We've got to be sure that we get the terrorists," Hagan said. "We know that they're in Afghanistan. We know that they are going into the border regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Hagan, who is on the senate's armed services committee apparently doesn't accept the analogy some have drawn between Afghanistan and President Obama and Vietnam and President Lyndon Johnson.

She said she was saddened that Fort Bragg soldiers are giving their lives in the war on terror, but there's a goal in the war in Afghanistan.

"I think what we're doing now is being sure we can train the Afghan national army, the Afghan national police so that they can ultimately take over control of their country," Hagan said.

Eyewitness News also heard some private comments in Fayetteville on the comparison of Vietnam to Afghanistan.

Apparently some people said they believe it's like apples and oranges. They cited the Sept. 11 attacks and Osama Bin Laden as reasons for continuing the effort in Afghanistan.

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