Road disagreement comes to blows

CUMBERLAND COUNTY The property owners said the logging company ruined the private road to their homes.

Homeowner Jaqui Loring said the road is nearly impassable.

"You can't get home," she said. "You are stuck in the middle of the road, buried up to your bumper. It's like this all the time."

Loring and her neighbors blame the mess on a logging company that's clear-cutting some nearby woods and their private road is the only way in and out for log trucks.

The soil is mostly sandy. Residents said they've asked the logging company to put clay down in the ruts, but said the logging company has spread hay along the road and that's hasn't helped.

Charles Renkle said he got beat up Monday by the logging company's owner, when he and some neighbors tried to block the road to prove their point.

"It escalated into a fight, after he hit me with the truck," he said. "The guy got out of the truck, pushed me and when he pushed me it escalated into a thing. He got a 2x4 and started wearing me out. Even after one of his helpers come over and was holding me and he still hit me with the 2x4."

The company's owner, Troy Willet, was arrested on Wednesday for assaulting Renkel.

Renkel said it was sad it had to come to blows. He said he didn't want revenge; he just wanted him and his neighbors to be able to get home.

"Fix the road back like it was," he said. "We are not asking for anything special. Nothing extra, just fix the road back."

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