Fort Bragg Troops aid in Haiti, victims need supplies


Damage to Port-au-Prince is obvious from the air. Stogner and ABC11 photographer Dave Anderson hitched a ride on a Navy Sea Stallion for a trip from the airport to what will be a new forward operating base. The operating base is high in the mountains overlooking what's left of Port-au-Prince.

Just has our crew arrived many Haitians rushed to their landing zone, thinking the soldiers were bringing food or water. Fort Bragg Troops had to keep them back.

Captain John Hart sock was watching over things, he knows how the people are suffering.

"Our serious challenge right now is just finding the right way to distribute all the food, water and medical supplies,"Hart said.

Haitian medical volunteer Camille Lodifanace pleaded for help.

"And we can't get any help to remove those dead people, because in about a few days it's going to be very terrible for us," Lodifanace said.

Lodifanace lead Stogner to a refugee camp down a hill. Several Bragg Troops followed just as a precaution. The scene was pitiful - people living in the open, in tents, with many of them injured.

One Haitian doctor was trying to tend to the needs, but he was out of almost everything.

"Nothing helps ... nothing... nothing, that's over now ... we can, we can ... nothing," the Haitian Doctor said. "I'm done. We are done!"

Some gruesome wounds are getting little attention. Hundreds have died in refugee camps all across the city. The biggest problem is no water for cooking, washing, or drinking and even without these basic needs somehow these people are holding on.

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