Troubleshooter: Credit card bill


But after combing through his statements, he said he found the credit card company's math was wrong, so he disputed the charges.

"They could never tell me what the charges were for," he said.

The credit card company adjusted the balance down to about $1,000, but Scurtu said that was still wrong. So, he next went directly to a Home Depot store to see if they had a record of what the charges were for.

"I went three to four or five times to the store and they said they think it was resolved," he said.

But it wasn't resolved and Scurtu continued to get calls about the unpaid balance.

"I'm still asking the same question. What are the charges for? The store doesn't have anything, customer service doesn't know what for," he recalled.

Frustrated, he contacted ABC11 Eyewitness News I-Team Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

"I just want whole ordeal over with, as my whole family has been stressed out over it," he said.

We got in touch with Home Depot and a rep with the credit card company contacted Scurtu.

"We came up with $251, and by that time I was so emotionally drained I was like 'Okay,'" he said.

Scurtu agreed to pay the $251, but he still didn't believe he owes that amount. He said the credit card representative told him it was for late fees and finance charges.

But later, Scurtu got good news. A representative with Home Depot said they're sorry for his trouble with the credit card company and they're stepping up to help. Home Depot will send him a check for $251 plus an extra $150 for his frustration.

Home Depot said they hope he returns as a customer. The rep said Home Depot's hands were tied when it came to the charges because the credit card company actually manages Scurtu's account.

Scurtu said he was thankful and plans to return to Home Depot as a customer.

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