Troubleshooter: Gravestone delivery


She agreed on a price and signed a contract with Memory Lane Memorials for $1550.

"He said it would cover everything. I didn't need to give him any more money. Pay him $1550 and that's it," she said she was told.

Boone was on a payment plan and made her payments each month. In November, she saw Memory Lane Memorials changed names. She was concerned so she called the general manager.

"He said you're already locked in, you got nothing to worry about. But the marker is here and I'm going to get it down for you," she recalled.

Boone paid the remaining balance and thought her son's marker would be placed at his grave.

"When I kept going out to the gravesite and it wasn't there," she said.

After a month and still no marker, she called Memory Lane Memorials.

"'No Miss Boone you have to pay a setting fee,' and I said 'No Mr. Parker, you didn't tell me anything about a setting fee,'" she said.

Now, Boone has to pay an additional $250 for the marker to be put down. On the contract, there is a space for a charge for the setting fee, but Boone's contract doesn't say anything, it's blank, just a total cost of $1550, which she paid.

"I was mainly upset because they lied to me. They said this is all the money I have to pay and it was not the truth. I had no idea I had to pay a setting fee," she said.

ABC11 reached out to Memory Lane Memorials. The general manager said, while he did have the marker, setting fees are always extra. He couldn't explain why it wasn't on the contract. He said he would drop the marker off at the cemetery right away.

"When I got you involved and you made one phone call and that marker showed up," said Boone. "You're the best that's all I got to say."

But Boone still had to pay the setting fee - not to Memory Lane Memorials - but to the cemetery as they are the ones who actually put it down.

Despite that, Boone said she's relieved when she visits her son's grave, because the marker is now down.

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