Young delivers Edwards sex tape


Young and a security officer retrieved the video from an Atlanta safe deposit box on Tuesday. The security guard told the judge that a log for the safe deposit box showed it hadn't been accessed since December 2008.

Hunter is suing Young to get the video back. A judge hasn't ruled on ownership yet.

Young said he and his wife discovered the video after Hunter moved out of their house in 2007. The Youngs say they believe Hunter has no right to the items, because she intentionally abandoned them at their home.

Andrew and Cheri Young also turned in other tapes, CDs and a USB drive containing photos Hunter says belong to her.

The couple swore they had turned over everything, but Hunter's attorneys grilled Andrew Young for an hour over inconsistencies in how long he had the tapes, his interview with ABC News' 20/20 and who else may have seen them.

"It needs to go to civil court and both sides get to do depositions and Miss Hunter gets to come in and answer some questions," Youngs' lawyer Mark Edwards said. "As you know I think there's a real issue based on what we've plead and based on what we've plead as to whether there are multiple sex tapes out there or excuse me, tapes of a private and personal nature."

Hunter filed a lawsuit late last month worried the Youngs would use the videos and photos to sell their book "The Politician," that outlines the Hunter and Edwards' affair and the Youngs' involvement in trying to keep it secret.

Edwards has publicly admitted to beginning an affair with Hunter in 2006 while she worked on his campaign as a videographer. He has also admitted to being the father of her daughter.

The Youngs say they believe they're the victims of an orchestrated smear campaign.

"Elizabeth has threatened me with an alienation of affection lawsuit," Andrew Young said.

He says Elizabeth Edwards blames them, in part, for destroying her marriage.

"When we wrote this book, we fully anticipated for some very powerful people to come after us," Young said. "They've called me and my family liars and we're going to fight to the very end to prove that that's not true."

The next hearing in the matter will be next Wednesday. The judge wants to interview Andrew Young's Washington attorney concerning evidence he turned over to federal investigators.

Officials are also going to clean the Youngs' personal computers of all Rielle Hunter material before lifting the contempt order.

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