HP captain and 2 police officers fired


Officials say Capt. James Williams Jr. of the Highway Patrol was let go for personal conduct violations, while Capt. Walter B. Williams and Lt. Daniel C. Parrott, both of Butner Public Safety, were dismissed for job performance and personal conduct violations.

Multiple sources have told ABC11 that Williams was stopped after he was spotted driving erratically in his own car on I-85 near Butner.

Before he was fired, Williams was in charge of all field activity in Troop C, which covers 14 counties.

"We take these matters very seriously and will not tolerate this type of conduct," said Col. Randy Glover, commander of the State Highway Patrol. "The Highway Patrol is built upon the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism. We expect and demand that all employees from troopers to supervisors, whether on duty or off duty, abide by the laws of our state and the rules of our organization."

"These two officers' failure to enforce the law and abide by their oaths of office was a betrayal of the public's trust and Butner Public Safety's commitment to serve and protect the citizens of this community," said Chief Wayne Hobgood of Butner Public Safety. "Our officers are held to a high standard and they will perform their duties honestly, fairly and with integrity. The public and I expect no less."

911 tapes obtained by ABC11 detail some of the communication between the officers on the night of April 3.

In the first report to dispatch, a Butner officer radios: "I got one gettin' on the interstate now that's extremely 10-56 on the 191. He can't even hold it on the road."

Then later:

Captain Williams: "I need you to call Major Moss' home number."
Dispatcher: "Yessir"
Captain Williams: "Advise him that I have a trooper stopped. He is a captain with the highway patrol and he is extremely 10-55."
Dispatcher: "What's your cell phone?"
Captain Williams: "Uh, 919, he's got it."

Later on the tape, the dispatcher calls Major Anthony W. Moss at home:

Dispatcher: "Are you real awake right now?"
Major Moss: "Yeah, yeah."
Dispatcher: "OK. Parrott has a 10-55 stopped 85 southbound at 191. Captain Williams is out with him. He is described to me as being extremely drunk. It's a highway patrol captain, James Williams Jr. Capt. Williams asked me to ask you to call him on his cell phone. He is up there now."
Major Moss: "You say he was extremely drunk?"
Dispatcher: "Yes, that's what Captain Williams told me to tell you."

Sources tell ABC11 that instead of charging Williams, Butner officers had his car towed and took him to a local motel. The clerk at the motel later called Butner dispatch.

Hotel Clerk: "Hi, this is Debbie at the Best Western, used to be Holiday Inn."
Dispatcher: "Yes, ma'am."
Clerk: "Umm, one of your officers just dropped someone off that had car trouble." Dispatcher: "Okay."
Clerk: "Umm, I need them to come back and pick him up, and probably take him to the station to wait for his ride, because he decided not to get the room."
Dispatcher: "Okay, I'm having trouble hearing you ma'am, need to pick him up to do what?"
Clerk: "He dropped him off here at the hotel to get a room."
Dispatcher: "Yeah"
Clerk: "He decided not to get the room, and he's from Greensboro, and uh."
Dispatcher: "He's from Greensboro?"
Clerk: "That's what the lic, the I-D gave me was."
Dispatcher: "Is he a black gentleman?"
Clerk: "Yes."
Dispatcher: "Okay."

The dispatcher then radioed the officers involved.

Dispatcher: "Butner Baker 3"
Response: "Go ahead (inaudible)"
Dispatcher: "Return to the Best Western. That subject from Greensboro has decided not to get a room."
Response: "10-4."
Response: "35 Adam 10-4."
Dispatcher: "I'll make a call if you need one."
Response: "10-4. Just hold off."

Butner Public Safety's Major Moss is on paid administrative leave. Hobgood said Thursday that "this matter remains under investigation."

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