Troubleshooter: NeoBudget

WAKE COUNTY Wilson says viewers are always asking her for an easy way to budget their money.

Many people say they don't have time; it's too complicated and just too hard to track their spending habits.

But one Wake County man says he's come up with an easy way anyone can track their spending and stick to a budget.

It's made for the lay person," NeoBudget creator Luke Ehresman said. "I don't have an accounting degree, I'm not a financial person, I just happen to be good at software, so I designed it to be very simple, for anybody to use."

Ehresman developed the website, NeoBudget, which involves the envelope method of budgeting.

"The concept is you have an envelope and you put money in it when you get paid and that's how much money you have to spend for the month," Ehresman said.

Each envelope represents a different category of spending -- groceries, clothing, utility bills, mortgage, etc.

"This is just the basic dashboard which shows you how your current money is allocated across your different envelopes," Ehresman said. "You've got your different accounts; you've got your checking account and savings account."

Transactions are uploaded from a person's bank account, and are synced with NeoBudget, so a user can see how much money they have spent and how much they have left to spend the rest of the month.

Ehresman says users do not have to worry about security with their personal banking information, because he has several measures in place to stop hackers and keep users' information safe.

"And a lot of times when people come in, their eyes are opened, they track their finances for two or three months and they say, 'wow, I had no idea I was spending so much money eating out,'" Ehresman said. "You know, just that knowledge alone tends to curb it."

Ehresman says the website has gotten him on track and hopes it helps others budget and stay ahead of their spending.

Ehresman offers different versions of NeoBudget --a free basic one and a more in depth one that costs money.

Click here to visit NeoBudget's website for more details

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