Crystal Mangum speaks about arrest


Police charged her with attempted murder, arson, and child abuse after a domestic dispute with her boyfriend.

According to an arrest warrant, the 33-year-old scratched, punched and threw objects at Milton Walker before setting his clothes on fire in a bathtub. Arresting officers said Mangum threatened to stab Walker while they were at her home. They went there after one of her children called 911.

Mangum spent three months behind bars before Hammond and Hammond bail bond service posted her $100,000 bail in May free of charge. Mangum's bail originally was set at $1 million before being lowered.

Mangum told reporters Wednesday she didn't attack Walker and didn't burn his clothes. She said she believes her involvement in the Duke Lacrosse case influenced what happened to her in February.

"I do feel that I am being unjustly treated because of preconceived notions about my character in the media," she said.

Mangum said Walker attacked her in February.

"Once he started punching me in my face, I was able to get away from him. My children and I went into a bedroom," said Mangum. "I couldn't understand why the police would blame me for attacking Milton when I could barely walk, and I had bruises on my face that they took pictures of."

Walker told police earlier this year that Mangum did burn his clothes and told ABC11:

"Sometimes she'd do things without thinking, and she probably should have thought that out better."

When asked if she threatened to stab Walker, Mangum said:

"I don't think I said I would cut him, but I do remember telling them to get him out of the apartment because I was afraid of him."

Now, Mangum says she wants to move forward with her life and close the door on her past.

"Enough is enough. I've lost my father; I've lost custody of my children because of a domestic violence issue," she said.

Mangum is due in court Friday on the February charges.

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