NC to improve driver license security


Beginning in 2012, the new licenses will have three dimensional photos taken by a camera with multiple lenses and additional security features to hamper tampering.

Photos will be laser engraved onto the cards, leaving a clearly identifiable image, the DOT reports.

In addition to upgraded photo technology, the cards will be made up of multiple layers to durable polycarbonate that cannot be removed without leaving evidence of tampering.

A $47.5 million contract was awarded to the MorphoTrak-Safran Group. The contract will span the next seven years and may be extended for two additional one-year periods.

The increased cost of the updated cards, a total of $2.12 per card, is $.27 higher than the current version of a North Carolina driver license. The DOT reports, however, at current volumes, the added cost will be covered by the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles' existing budget.

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