ESPN report cites food concerns at RBC Center


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The sports network looked at stadiums across the country. In Raleigh, it shows 67 percent of food providers at the RBC Center had critical violations in their last inspections.

ABC11 checked the data on the Wake County Health Department website. Several violations caught our attention:

At RBC Suites Kitchen, the health inspector "observed employees handle raw, breaded chicken, then handle cooked product without changing gloves or washing hands."

He also saw "employees placing cooked chicken back in the same container used to pre-portion raw chicken."

Another report instructed a vendor to "remove mold inside (the) ice machine."

Other common critical violations included keeping foods at the wrong temperatures, no sneeze guards over buffets, and weak sanitizer to clean with.

Of the 103 stadiums in ESPN's report, the RBC Center was in a three way tie for the 12th worst.

ABC11 talked to Hurricane's General Manager Jim Rutherford about the report. It was the first time he'd heard about it, but his response was matter of fact.

"We always have problems, and when we have them, we fix them. I'm sorry to hear this, but at the same time, these will be fixed immediately," he said.

Rutherford is right. All the violations in the report will have already been corrected. They have to be within 10 days of being cited.

But for those vendors that had critical violations, many weren't the first offenses. Most showed a similar pattern in previous inspections.

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