Squirrels take up residence in Apex woman's home


Terry Natterer said she first noticed the unwelcome houseguests back in March 2012.

"We were sitting on the deck one day and my son saw squirrels jumping in the attic through a hole," Terry said.

She hired Trapper Dan's Wildlife and Pest to get rid of the squirrels, as well as the bats that had taken residence in her attic. Terry said Trapper Dan got rid of the bats right away, but the squirrels were a different story.

"The squirrels went through the trap, didn't get caught, went through the holes," Terry said.

She called Trapper Dan to come back, but said she couldn't get a response and the squirrels continued to make themselves at home.

"They're making a mess out of the insulation, tearing up any kind of thing I have up there. Not only are they a hazard for chewing everything up in the attic, they make noise all night long. They're just really loud," Terry said.

Terry and her family put up with the squirrels all summer and fall. She said Trapper Dan finally came back to her home in November and set another trap. But Terry said that didn't catch any squirrels either.

Frustrated that Trapper Dan didn't get the job done, she got in touch with me.

I reached out to Trapper Dan and he said he tried to get rid of the squirrels, but wildlife control is not an overnight process. He said he tried two control measures, but neither worked. Trapper Dan admitted Terry was one customer who slipped through the cracks, but said he would get her situation rectified.

"He's been over here more than he has in probably the year. And he's really tried, I guess, to do the job. He did give me a refund of $150 because of your help and came back and set a trap to catch the squirrel that was in the attic," Terry said.

Trapper Dan also sealed the hole where the squirrels were getting through.

While Terry thought the latest efforts by Trapper Dan would work, her frustrations continue. She said the squirrels have chewed a new hole and they don't fall for the trap.

Terry said she is hiring another company to get the squirrels.

Trapper Dan told me he tried everything he could do, but he blames the condition of the roof and trim. He said to keep the squirrels out for good, Terry will need to perform extensive work. He said they can only warranty the holes they seal and cannot control nature.

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